ORx Opportunity

By including qualified over-the-counter (OTC) drugs as a prescription plan benefit, Employers can reduce plan costs and out-of-pocket expenses for participants. We call the concept ORx®, Over-the-Counter-by-Prescription.

Coverage of safe, efficacious and inexpensive OTC medicines can encourage patients to seek and comply with doctor-prescribed treatment.

The savings combined with the possibility of increased compliance are important tools to help manage overall benefit plan costs.

Read our white paper to see how ORx® coverage can benefit your health care plan.

What is ORx®

ORx® is a concept developed by Perrigo where pharmacy benefit coverage is extended to over-the-counter drugs dispensed by prescription. To encourage their use, medicines covered under an ORx® drug benefit are typically offered as Tier 1/Preferred drugs or in a separate OTC tier, with no co-payment or a lower co-pay than other prescription drugs.

Getting Started

The first step in designing ORx® coverage is to discuss the concept with your pharmacy benefit management (PBM) or other prescription drug benefit manager.

For assistance in exploring the adoption of ORx® coverage and available Perrigo products to support your benefit plan, please contact us at PerrigoRx@perrigo.com.